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Captain of Indian Junior Girls Team for the ITF World Junior team
Interview – Radhika Tulpule Kanitkar founder FuturePro Tennis Academy UAE, Published on Tennis Junction
April 3, 2017
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April 7, 2017

Radhika Tulpule Kanitkar of Future Pro Tennis Academy

We at On The Run are always psyched to hear about sports and fitness initiatives right in our neighborhood. One such being the exciting tennis tournament happening this weekend right here in Pune at the Future Pro Tennis Academy!

We learned about the academy because of one of their students, who also happens to be an ardent consumer of On The Run energy bars!! We were delighted to be approached by the force behind this initiative – Radhika Tulpule – Kanitkar, former India National Champion and India’s first ITF level III Coach.

We loved learning about Radhika’s journey through a short interview, hope you enjoy it too! Here it is:

How did you get into tennis?

I come from a family of sportsman. My dad and my brother used to play tennis so that’s how I got into the sport. Table tennis was the first sport that I started playing as my uncle used to play, but wanted to step outside and play an outdoor sport so shifted to tennis.

What is the most memorable moment of your competitive tennis days? Why?

My journey as a professional has been full of memorable moments so it’s difficult to point out a single memory or moment. But if I do have to then representing my country/playing for INDIA has certainly been one of the most memorable moments for me.

Tell us about the Future Pro Tennis academy – how did this come together?

After the end of my professional tennis, I always wanted to be associated with the sport and give back to the sport, help develop and nurture young kids and encourage them to become professional athletes. With this goal I started the FUTURE PRO TENNIS ACADEMY with the support of the Maharashtra lawn tennis association three years back.

In my academy the focus is on teaching the right basics right from a young age and developing a good technical and tactical base for the kids using the model of mini tennis with the game based approach to coaching.

Any tips for parents who would like to train their kids in a competitive sport?

Number one rule for parents is they have to have patience. Success cannot be achieved in a short time. They have to be ready to support the child for 10 years through his/her journey as a player. Providing them the opportunity to play and giving them that encouragement and positive feedback is very important.

Have to ask – Nadal or Federer? Agassi or Sampras?

Federer and Sampras. Both of them for their style of play and temperament on court. Fortunately I had a chance to see both these players live at grand slam events. (Actually I would say all four of them)


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