Holistic Tennis

Tennis at FuturePro Tennis Academy is not just about competitive sports training, its a deeper mission to promote tennis as a holistic sport with a myriad of benefits.  We believe that taking up tennis as a sports early in your life has life-long benefits including physical health and mental strength. 

Competitive Sport

Tennis is one of the most popular competitive sport that tests your skill and endurance. Championships such as Wimbledon, French Open, etc.. pulls a large audience and is a rewarding tournament with a large prize money. Regional and local championships nurture and reward players with a passion for excellence. Heroes like Roger Federer and worshiped around the globe. 

 Competitive tennis in Dubai is gaining ground and FuturePro Tennis Academy is in the forefront of this space, organizing maximum number of National Ranking Tournaments and hosting 2 acclaimed Elite training Programs for competition Kids.  We hope that soon tennis will also have an award money that will attract more people to invest time and energy in the competition aspect of Tennis. 

Staying Fit

Tennis is a great sport for all ages and can be picked up at any age in life. Starting young has its benefits as children develop agility, strength, and endurance. For an adult, tennis is an arduous workout. It builds stamina and gives you plenty of sunshine to improve your Vitamin-D levels. 

 Tennis provides both aerobic and anaerobic activity that produces peptides helping your body to grew new tissue and repair torn muscles and fight against inflammatory diseases. It also helps support a healthy endocrine system. 

Dexterity, speed, agility and rapid muscle movement aid in keeping you fit. 

Acquiring Life-skills

The social aspect of tennis makes it a popular pastime for children as well as adults. Playing with friends, colleagues and strangers imparts relationship skills. The highs and lows of winning and losing teach essential life-skills of rising to challenges. The scoring method introduces the element of risk taking and regaining lost ground. 

 Although tennis is looked upon as an individual game, you learn about healthy competition and respecting your adversary. Playing doubles or mixed doubles teaches important life lessons of teamwork and coordination.