Sponsor Opportunities

We believe in developing value-aligned partnerships and affiliations that focus on common goals and complementary strengths to deliver successful outcomes for all.

FuturePro operating in 3 countries, 15 venues and works with over 700 junior and adult players, provides a strategic opportunity for partnership. We are able to provide you flexible brand promotion  options to suit your brand requirements. Some options include:

  • Venue Branding -  Windbreakers, Banners,
  • Tournament Branding
  • Players Kit – over 1000 items given away each year
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Participation in our Tennis events & conferences
  • Travel Partnership
  • Player Sponsorships 

Tournament Sponsorship

FuturePro hosts over 70% of the UAE National ranking tournaments and many more Non-Ranking and Amateur series Adults tournaments each year at our Kings Al Barsha Performance Center.  

Held on weekends, the Tournaments attracts large number of players from across UAE along with their friends, family and club coaching teams. The tournaments received coverage in local media and is widely posted by all players on various social media platforms. Tournament sponsorship will also give on & off court branding spaces at the venue which is one of Dubai 

The Performance center is located within the campus of one of Dubai’s premier Kings Schools  & has a student population of over 2000 students. Campus provides high visibility to students and parents during school hours as well as in the evening hours for sports activities  
Write to us if you would like to consider co-hosting and being a Title Sponsor for the 2019-20 Tournament series.

Star Players

FuturePro team has been the winner of the UAE National League for 2 consecutive years and trains some of the top National and International level players.  
There are opportunities to sponsor some of our Star players to support them for their tennis coaching, equipment's & traveling expenses as they pursue their international career. Their participation in global tournaments can provide partners extended brand visibility beyond borders.